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What Makes After Party the PERFECT choice for your upcoming wedding?

What makes After Party the PERFECT band for your wedding?

1.) multiple band sizes to meet your needs! Want a horn section? No problem! After Party is available from sizes between 5 and 10 musicians. Just let us know what you want!

2.). A DJ is included with the band! Having trouble deciding between a band and a DJ? No problem. After Party incorporates BOTH for a non-stop, high-energy experience that elevates tote event to the next level.

3.) Song Selections - YOU get to pick the songs you want to hear! No matter what your taste is, After Party’s mission is to keep the dance floor packed performing your favorite songs!

4.) Agency Representation. After Party is represented by WCA Entertainment and comes fully insured for your event. Having your wedding in a downtown hotel? No problem. After Party is a pre-approved vendor for many national hotels.

Email us at info@williamcredoagency for more info on After Party performing at YOUR wedding!

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